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24-7 Tactical Advice

NCLEAG provides law enforcement officers with real-time, in-the-field advice as needed. Our attorneys are available 24 hours per day to answer calls from officers with questions regarding constitutional issues, arrest search and seizure issues, questions of probable cause, or any other issues that can arise during law enforcement activities.


NCLEAG can provide top quality representation on behalf of law enforcement agencies that have had legal action commenced against them.  This service is available at a 20% discount to law enforcement agencies that have an ongoing contract with NCLEAG.


NCLEAG will assist law enforcement agencies with review of proposed contracts and agreements.  Our attorneys will be able to review contracts to ensure that the agency actually receives the benefit of its bargain.  Additionally, our attorneys will help ensure that the contracts satisfy laws governing local government contracts.  This service also includes reviewing Mutual Adi Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding.

Gun Permits

Our Sheriff’s attorneys are available to assist Sheriffs in handling gun permit issues and related hearings.

Employee Relations

Our attorney are available to provide assistance and advice to law enforcement agencies regarding compliance with various laws, rules, and regulations concerning compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, FLSA, FMLA, and other relevant employer/employee relation issues.

Public Records Requests

NCLEAG attorneys are available to help law enforcement agencies to respond to public record requests. Our attorneys will assist the agency in identifying whether requested materials are public records and whether they are protected by law from mandatory disclosure. Our attorneys are also available to assist the agency head in media relations advice.

Officer Involved Shootings/Critical Incidents

NCLEAG will send an attorney to the scene of an officer involved shooting.  Upon notification that an agency under contract has had an officer involved shooting, NCLEAG will send an attorney to assist\ the agency in evaluating the scene, reviewing the evidence at the scene, ensuring that relevant evidence is collected for us in civil litigation, and provide the head of the agency with advice on handling both the legal and public/media relations issues arising from the incident.  NCLEAG is willing to send an attorney to other critical incidents as well, upon request.


NCLEAG has attorney specializing in law enforcement training in all areas relevant to law enforcement agencies.  Areas of training include:  internal investigations, discipline, arrest search and seizure, annual in-service, courtroom testimony, Officer Involved Shootings (OIS), public records requests, gun rights, jail civil rights, employment law and other areas of need as requested.

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