Our mission and dedication to those who serve.

The North Carolina Law Enforcement Advisory Group, PLLC, (NCLEAG) is a unique team of lawyers who share your passion for service and law enforcement.

You may not be aware that the Attorney General of North Carolina recently lost a number of attorneys who provided legal services and guidance to law enforcement agencies across our State. These losses have had a devastating effect on the quality of legal services available to local law enforcement agencies, especially elected Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.

Collectively, our team has more than 100 years of legal experience and are ready and willing to use our experience on your behalf.

Our team offers:

  • Real-time legal advice – twenty-four hours per day – to officers in need;
  • Assistance to you & your agency in responding to public records requests;
  • Training on search & seizure, use of force, and/or legal updates, including train-the-trainer courses;
  • Advice on employment law & employee related issues;
  • Advice regarding officer-involved-shootings & other critical incidents;
  • Murder & complex criminal investigation advice & assistance;
  • Review & analyze Search warrant application drafting, review & analysis in in complex & routine cases;
  • Civil litigation representation – We will work hand in hand with insurance defense counsel when they are available and work in representing your office when they are not.
  • Jail management and compliance related issues;
  • Civil Process and Gun rights/permit issues;

If you would like to learn more now, visit our Contact page to start a conversation.

We look forward to working with you,

David Wijewickrama, Esq.
President, NCLEAG, PLLC