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In recognition of the legally-intensive and high-consequence nature of police supervisory decision-making, we will accept a contract to provide legal consultation services in support of the performance demands placed upon modern, professional law enforcement organizations.

Under our contract, consultation provided to the Office/Agency by our Firm will generally pertain to “real-time” or “tactical” legal needs arising under either of two circumstances:

(1) Criminal investigations for which real-time police decision-making requires or may be enhanced by the judgment and intervention of skilled police counsel, and with the objective of maximizing the ultimate admissibility of criminal evidence or probability of a successful court prosecution;

(2) Legal uncertainty arising as the result of any other law enforcement tactical situation, law enforcement response incident, or law enforcement circumstance for which imminent police action or supervisory-level decision-making may expose the Office/Agency, its agents and employees, to civil liability risk.

We also provide service, advice and guidance regarding the following:

  • Our Firm agrees to provide, on-site legal training, review or drafting of legal instruments, time-intensive research projects, negotiation of conflicts or strategies with outside counsel, management of subpoena objections, public record request responses, counsel as it relates to gun right issues, employment issues, mutual aid and civil process.
  • Jail administration issues both on the state and federal level. We have access to one of the finest consulting teams in the state that will ensure your Office is aware of the laws, policies and requirements needed to ensure compliance.
  • Review of Insurance policies that may provide coverage for issues arising within your Office. In the event personnel in your office or agency, or you professionally or personally are NOT covered, we will assist you reviewing options and assist you in the decision making process to best protect all those who serve.

Our Firm shall be prepared for continuous availability for the immediate and real-time consultation needs of the Office/Agency, to include maintaining law enforcement legal subject matter expertise as well as continuous telephone access, maintaining access to essential legal resource materials at all times (including while “away from the office”), and by taking such other and further steps as may be expeditious in meeting the “continuously on call” demands of the Office/Agency.