Our Team - Ron Moore


Ron Moore received his B.A. and J.D. from the University of North Carolina.
He practiced Civil and Criminal law in Asheville for 9 plus years before being
elected District Attorney for Buncombe County in 1990 at the age of 35 and
was reelected 5 more times serving a total of 24 years. Since his retirement
from the State in January 2015 he has served as Town Attorney for Hot Springs, NC, recently completed a 4 month stint as interim Town Manager for Black Mountain, NC, has represented law enforcement officers on behalf of the FOP who were involved in officer shootings, and continued to take cases of interest and to provide guidance and assistance to other attorneys as needed.

He was the first elected DA in the state to be certified as a Criminal Law Specialist in 1994 and kept the Certification current for 20 Years. He has taught Trial Advocacy for the NC Conference of District Attorneys and at the National Advocacy Center.

Ron grew up on a farm in eastern NC near Bath, NC the oldest town in the state and continues to enjoy his lifelong passions of hunting and fishing. He is married to Mary Elizabeth Arrowood, a practicing Attorney. They have a daughter Lexie who is a Junior at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia studying Dance and Art History.